Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 25 February: Adelaide

Thursday, 25 February 1937

Very hot day. Went ashore with Mr & Mrs Spriggins. Took tram to Adelaide from outer harbour. Did the town, then took train to Glenelg, the show beach; very nice. Came back to town and had dinner at Myers North Terrace. A lovely street. Did Art Gallery, Shrine very nice. Got back to boat at 4. Very hot, had the first dance of the trip at night tho music awful. Had supper in Mrs [E] Shuren’s [age 42] cabin; lobster & beer.

102 in Adelaide

Left here at 5 – good send off. First dance on board. Had old time waltz. With Mrs Shuren.

Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 22 February: Melbourne

Monday,  22 February 1937

Arrived in Melbourne about 7 today, after a very rough trip from Hobart. Lost the quarter master overboard on Sunday night during the storm, very sad. Met the smartest thing. Had dinner at Myers; good meal, a lovely shop. Took train to St Kilda, had a good look around. Back to boat for dinner. Very cold & wet.



1937 ‘TERRIFIC SEAS IN BASS STRAIT.’, The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 – 1954), 23 February, p. 7, viewed 18 February, 2013,


Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 20 February: Arrived in Hobart

Saturday, 20 February 1937

Arrived in Hobart – very pretty coming up the harbour. Went to town with Mr [John Thomas, aged 36] & Mrs Spriggins, then out to Sandy Bay; very nice run. Went out to see Doris Blake, back at Sandy Bay. Had lunch with Doris and the family. Came back with her to the hotel. Had 2 ales, then went to the boat. Left again at 6, for Melbourne, very nice coming down the coast turning into bad weather.

Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 19 February: Flowers everywhere you look

Friday, 19 February 1937

A great crowd on board. Hundreds of flowers, gifts, still being sent around to the cabins. Received Jess’s spray of white flowers, very pretty. Also lovely basket of flowers with my name on, don’t know who sent them. Flowers everywhere you look. A lovely site, not feeling sick at all. Mrs [Florence] Spriggins [age 36] next cabin to me. Just sat around the deck yarning.

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