Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 12 September: Arrive in New York city

Sunday, 12 September 1937

Started off on our 250 mile trip to N. York, left the camp about 8.30, lovely driving, pulled up for lunch on the wayside. Had a good drive, arriving on the Riverside Drive, and the Hudson River on the other side, cars like ants, about 8 abreast could not move, could never imagine such thick traffic, and we struck it about 6 – New York is an eye opener, the buildings are terrific, after trying several hotels, came to the Empire on Broadway. 2 dollars a night, so we have booked in for a week, leaving next Sunday morning, the foreign legion arrives that day.

With the Spriggins and the Essex sedan, possibly 12 Sep 1937
Thirza Pidgeon (standing) with Florence Spriggins seated on the bumper of the Essex Sedan, New York registration 8XZ341

Center map

Hotel Empire, New York; March 2013
Hotel Empire, New York; March 2013
Hotel Empire, New York; March 2013