Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 13 September: A wet day at the pictures

Wrote letters

Monday, 13 September 1937

A very wet day, pouring so went to 2 pictures shows. Colbert in I met him in Paris and it was still very wet so went to Jean Harlow in Saratoga. Enjoyed both of them. Both shows cost 10 c each. Had hamburgers in the show. Later Floss went to the shops to get some food, and got lost for 2 hours, at last she got back when we had tea. Went to bed early, very wet and miserable.

Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 25 August: Paris to London

Wednesday, 25 August 1937

Left Paris at 10 – got to Dieppe at 1 – crossed over very calm to Newhaven and reach London at 7 – got back to Hotel, in time for dinner. Found nice bunch of roses in room from Mrs Cantor. Went to Strand Palace at 9.30 to see Mrs Webb – with Mrs Cantor and got back at 11.30. Great crowds of visitors everywhere. Wrote to Jack Sprig to see if Mrs Cantor could come with us but he says it is impossible.

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Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 24 August: Lucerne to Paris

Tuesday, 24 August, 1937

Left Lucerne 10’o’clock for Paris. Had a nice packed luncheon on train, changed at Bale [Basel] for Paris train, packed. Arrived at Paris at 7 – no one to meet me. Took taxi to Bohy Lafayette Hotel, got a lovely double room with private W.C. & shower but too noisy, in front of hotel. Had hot wash and went to bed.

[The Bohy Lafayette was at Square Montholon. It is no longer a hotel but the building still exists. The address is 26 Rue Montholon and is now the home of AG2R La Mondiale.]

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Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 16 to 18 August: Paris sightseeing

[The following entry in Thirza’s journal was written across three days (one page per day). It appears to have been written possibly on Wednesday the 18th and it is not entirely clear what each day’s events were and whether anything refers to Wednesday the 18th.]


Holiday in Paris
Saints Day
Monday, 16 August 1937


Had a lovely day. Got the charabanc at 9.30 drove all around until 12.30 – then met again at 2 – still driving around until 5. Had dinner went to see Maurice Chevalier at the Casino de Paris paid 7/6 he was no good but the rest of the show V.G. – saw big Catholic Cathedrals, highest point in Paris [Sacré-Cœur], then the old sq. of Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, Fairmount Palace, holds 6,000 people, Shakespeare monument, Honoré de Balzac, Arch de Triumph, unknown soldier grave covered with flowers, Victor Hugo beautiful square, Paris exhibition then to the finest Sq in the world. S. Concord [Place de la Concorde], Champs-Élysées drive 1 1/2 miles, Rue de….

(Tuesday, 17 August 1937)

(Noted: Napoleon died at 54 [actually at age 51])

…Rivoli, then to Lonore? looking to the Arch de Triumph, the finest view in Europe, to museum 6 miles of galleries,  Carrousel Square [Place du Carrousel]  – the prettiest so far, lovely lot of flowers – Palace Richelieu – Palace Royal in the Rue De Honore, Napoleon’s tomb, in 6 coffins 2 vases 1 for heart – other eternal organs – also Foch’s mon?; Palace of Montmartre in the Avenue of President Wilson, a great building. After lunch saw City gates of Paris, 1672 Boulevarde St Martin, City Square, Statue of Liberty, to Cemetery (Père-Lachaise) to see famous tombs, I did not get out, Prison for women (Rue de la Roquelle), along the Seine River, lovely river 33 bridges to Town Hall, to the oldest hospital then on to Notre Dame. Hold 20,000 people, passion play the week before. Just taking all the timber down. Funeral came out, then ….

(Wednesday, 18 August 1937)

… on to the Latin Quarter, Luxemburg Palace, Senate quarters, Odéon Theatre, along the Seine where men are fishing and the prison cells open on to the River, over the oldest bridge in Paris, Sara Bernhardt theatre, Statue of Henry of Navarre. Went to Casino at night – wrote letters all this morning until lunch time Tuesday then went for a walk, had afternoon tea at English shop the French are funny people all gabbing at once – the girls look very nice mostly black dresses & smart blue hats, had dinner, then yarned to English woman until 10, went to bed.

Eglise du Dome Church, Hôtel des Invalides, Paris
Eglise du Dome Church, Hôtel des Invalides, Paris; 16 August 1937
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arc de Triomphe, Paris; 16 Aug 1937
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arc de Triomphe, Paris; 16 Aug 1937
Paris; 16 Aug 1937
Most likely La Rive Gauche, along the Seine, Paris; 16 Aug 1937

Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 15 August: Paris by foot

Sunday, 15 August 1937

Went to Frames. About 30 turned up for a walk around the city saw the Opera House back & front, the longest in the world then on to a great church, has no windows [Church of La Madeleine, Paris] Catholic Cathedral, packed to the doors, thousands at the service, kept on walking to see the sights, got back about 12.30 – just 2 hours – too much for me rested all the afternoon, went to bed early – my first walk for weeks – felt completely done. Bed rest peace.