Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 28 Nov: Te Aroha, visiting a sheep station

Sunday, 28 November 1937

All got up after 9. Miss McNeil called in her car and took us out to Mrs Jones, big sheep station. Drove us all over the grounds, 2,000 acres, and 6,000 sheep. Had very nice afternoon tea, Miss M drove us home again about 6. Pat his wife & baby here, stopped to tea, went off about 7.30. Ciss & I just listened in to the wireless until about 9 then off to bed. Barry [1st cousin, Barnaby Richard WILD b. 1901] & Fred [1st cousin once removed, Frederick Barnabus WILD b. 1914] called in.

Jack [1st cousin, John Ernest WILD b. 1884] called but did not see him.

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