Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 6 March: Fancy dress party

Friday, 5 March 1937

Lovely day. Busy making hair for fancy dress dance tonight. Going as a tough guy. Mr [R.T.] Coulter [Dental surgeon aged 46, accompanied by Mrs P., 48, and Miss P., 17 of 592 Colombo St, Christchurch, NZ ] has lent me his clothes.

Made a mistake, put the dance down for Saturday instead of tonight.


Saturday, 6 March 1937

Fancy dress tonight wonderful turn out. Hundreds in fancy dress. I went as a heavy champ, very hot, the first prize made on board was lemon squash – very nice. I went to bed very soon, as it was awfully hot.

Mrs [E] Hall [68, accompanied by Miss A., 34, & Miss D., 28, from NZ] gave a party in the front saloon, 16 of us. It was very nice. Fearfully hot today.

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