Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 10 March: Arrived in Colombo

Wednesday,  10 March 1937

Arrived in Colombo, about 5 in the morning. Up on deck, all excited. Landed at 9.30. 12 of us in party, went out to Mt Lavinia, wonderful, place full of natives, begging, all the way, went through temples, garden (?). Had drinks at the hotel, then back to Colombo, for lunch at the Oriental [], Then did shopping until 5. Rickshaw drive to Galle Face Hotel []. Went over the hotel, then rickshaw back. Dinner again at the Oriental. Had dress made, got last launch back to boat. Had a wonderful day. The glamour of the East and the beggars was an eye opener to me. Bought 2 kimonos, 2 nighties & several small things. Mrs Everett , Mrs [E] McCabe [age 53] & self. Had a great time.

1 rupee 1/6

100 cents 1/6











Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 6 March: Fancy dress party

Friday, 5 March 1937

Lovely day. Busy making hair for fancy dress dance tonight. Going as a tough guy. Mr [R.T.] Coulter [Dental surgeon aged 46, accompanied by Mrs P., 48, and Miss P., 17 of 592 Colombo St, Christchurch, NZ ] has lent me his clothes.

Made a mistake, put the dance down for Saturday instead of tonight.


Saturday, 6 March 1937

Fancy dress tonight wonderful turn out. Hundreds in fancy dress. I went as a heavy champ, very hot, the first prize made on board was lemon squash – very nice. I went to bed very soon, as it was awfully hot.

Mrs [E] Hall [68, accompanied by Miss A., 34, & Miss D., 28, from NZ] gave a party in the front saloon, 16 of us. It was very nice. Fearfully hot today.

Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 1 March: Perth

Monday, 1 March 1937

(J. Spriggins birthday)

Arrived in Fremantle at 7 in the morning. Met Mr & Mrs Ward, friends of Mr Spriggins. Took us all around Perth. Very pretty, war memorial lovely position. Saw all that was to be seen in Perth. Had lunch at top of Post Office then took motor bus to Kalamunda Hills, a round trip. Back to boat for dinner. Left Free at 7 in the evening, after a lovely day. Played bridge at night. Opened bottle of champagne! Mr Spriggins birthday, awful stuff, took ½ bottle to Mrs Hill. Won 6° at bridge.

State War Memorial, Kings Park, Western Australia