Thirza Pidgeon’s 1937 World Tour – 11 September: Montreal to Plattsburgh, then bought a car

Saturday, 11 September 1937

Left Ford Hotel for Plattsburgh. Passing the border, had our luggage all hauled out of the bus to pass the customs. Had to open all mine. Held the bus up for some time. Got to Plattsburgh. Jack [Spriggins] left us to buy a car, and in 2 hours, we were well on our way to New York, packed in a Essex Sedan for £15  – $75. Had a lovely trip, good country, roads fine. Did over 100 miles, so pulled up at an auto camp, stayed the night. 1 dollar each. 35 cents for use of kitchen. 2 bedrooms, nice furnished and very clean. Had a good tea and went to bed early. Car went well.

Center map

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